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Title: Ministry of Culture 2016 Directions on Implementing the Youth Participation in Village Cultural Development Project Ch
Date: 2016.08.29
Legislative: 中華民國105年8月29日文源字第10520307142號令訂定
Content: I.The Ministry of Culture (henceforth “the MOC”) has drafted these Directions to help young people meet modern cultural, aesthetic, social, environmental, and economic challenges by tapping into local cultural resources and splendor; connecting village culture and community building to social networks; and creating cultural values and reifying a vibrant civic culture. This will also help to increase the potential of diverse local cultures, create a cooperative society, and aid the nation’s sustainable development.


ROC nationals between the ages of 20 and 35; proof must be provided.

   B.Foreign nationals, not to include those from mainland China, between the ages of 20 and 35 and in possession of an ROC residency permit issued by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, or a resident certificate issued by the National Immigration Agency; proof of possession of such documents must be provided.

III.Timeframe and Award Amount:

   A.Approved projects shall be implemented over a period of at least six months from the date on which they are approved through November 30, 2017.  Those who a review committee has determined are eligible for an award will receive between NT$100,000 and NT$1 million.

   B.Where plans are to be implemented over two years, and a review committee determines that a plan is important enough to warrant, funding may be increased to up to NT$2 million, with actual funding being commensurate with actual outlays. (Funding may not exceed NT$1 million over a one-year period; the award granted for second-year funding will be preliminary, with actual funding determined following a review of progress made during the first year)

Where plans are to be implemented over two years, and a review committee determines that a plan is important enough to warrant, funding may be increased to up to NT$2 million, with actual funding being commensurate with actual outlays. (Funding may not exceed NT$1 million over a one-year period; the award granted for second-year funding will be preliminary, with actual funding determined following a review of progress made during the first year)

IV.Evaluation standards, procedures, announcement of results, and recusals

   A.Evaluation standards:

      1.Use of resources, plan adaptivity, participation by local citizens, and how the proposal brings together youth and elderly residents shall account for 30 percent;

      2.Plan vision, feasibility, and experience implementing related plans or activities: 25 percent;

      3.Social innovation and use of new media: 20 percent;

      4.Sustainability (attracting and combining resources and/or funding from various sources to make the proposed project self-sustaining): 15 percent;

      5.Impact on society (to what level or extent has the project influenced or changed a community): 10 percent.

   B.Three stages of evaluation: eligibility confirmation, initial review, final review:

      1.Eligibility confirmation: The MOC will review documents submitted by the applicant. Where information is found to be missing, the applicant will be notified of the deadline by which missing information must be forwarded to the MOC. Applicants who fail to do so by the deadline will be declared ineligible.

      2.Initial review: Following eligibility confirmation, representatives of the MOC and invited scholars and experts shall form a review panel, which will review submitted documents. Applicants who pass this first review shall move on to a second.

      3.Final review: The MOC will have the review panel consider candidates. Applicants reaching this stage will deliver a presentation before the panel. The MOC will conduct onsite reviews where deemed necessary.

      The recommendations of the panel will be reviewed and approved of by the Minister or the Minister’s designee. Where needed, applicants will be directed by the panel to furnish a revised plan within a specified timeframe, which will be reviewed at a further panel meeting.

   C.Results: After reviews are completed, the results will be published on the MOC’s website and award recipients notified in writing.

   D.Recusal: To ensure fairness and secrecy, individuals on the review panel shall agree to keep secret the information that comes before them and recuse themselves where necessary and abide by the Administrative Procedure Act.

V.Remittance: In principle, award monies shall be remitted in three stages based on progress made on the plan. However, where progress or other reasons necessitate, payment need not be made in stages.

   A.First stage: A receipt for first-stage payment; a revised plan (including a chart comparing the original to the revised plan); a work schedule; a pledge to execute the project; and a copyright authorization are to be forwarded to the MOC within the time period set in the written notification sent by the MOC which, after confirming that the information provided is correct, will remit thirty (30) percent of the award money.

   B.Second stage: Where work completed at this point equals or exceeds one half of that contracted, a receipt for second-stage payment and a progress report (including its electronic file) are to be forwarded to the MOC. Forty (40) percent of the award money will be remitted after these documents have been reviewed and approved of by the MOC.

   C.Third stage: Where all work has been completed at this point, a progress report (including its electronic file) and a receipt for third-stage payment are to be remitted to the MOC by November 30 of the year after cooperation began. The final thirty (30) percent of the award money will be remitted after these documents have been reviewed and approved of by the MOC.

VI.Application period and procedure:

   A.Application period: To be announced separately by the MOC.


     1.Applicants are to provide the following to the MOC: one checklist; 12 copies (1 original and 11 photocopies, also the electronic file of same) of a proposed plan and letters of consent from partners (in principle, all written in Chinese); one copy each of a letter of consent to use personal data, and a 5- to 10-minute promotional video.

     2.Applicants are to present the aforementioned documents to the MOC, in the timeframe allotted, by mail (date determined by postmark) or in person. Where the deadline is a weekend/holiday, applications will continue to be accepted through the next work day. Late applications will not be given consideration.

     3.On the envelope in which application materials are delivered shall be printed “For participation in the Youth Village Culture Development Project competition” and the packet should be addressed to the Ministry of Culture Department of Cultural Resources (13th Floor, No. 439 Zhongping Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City)

     4.Whether applicants are selected as winners or not, information and documents provided will not be returned.

VII.Awardees agree to submit to the following guidance and oversight from the MOC while implementing their plans:

   A.The guidance of an instructor appointed by the MOC. Awardees are to hold regular meetings to review progress and inform both the instructor and the MOC of said meetings in advance, such that the former may attend and the latter dispatch personnel to attend;

   B.Awardees shall submit to visits by the MOC and guidance committee members and provide work reports, whether personally or through a designee; awardees shall also participate in discussion meetings or exchange activities arranged by the MOC;

   C.reports of visits made by the instructor and/or guidance committee members will be seen as important evidence of progress used to determine whether the next stage of funds will be released; and

   D.During the plan’s implementation, awardees are to cooperate with requests of the MOC concerning research or policy analysis, and shall fill out and submit related forms accurately along with related information on achievements.

VIII.Intellectual property rights:

   A.Awardees are to guarantee that the information they provide in their applications and during plan implementation does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others or otherwise violate the law.

   B.Where awardees’ plans, promotional videos, and information used during the implementation period utilize the copyrighted works of others, a copyright authorization must be obtained beforehand.

   C.Awardees shall grant the intellectual property rights appertaining to awardees’ plans, promotional videos, progress reports (including text, photographs, film, and documentaries), scripts, written records, books, audiovisual materials, and cultural creative products to the MOC, and/or the organization designated by the MOC to hold the copyright, without compensation. The MOC shall be authorized to use, at any time and place, and in any way it so deems, the aforementioned content in its policy promotions and in not-for-profit activities and publications it produces. Awardees are to guarantee that the original creator(s)/unit(s) will not attempt to assert copyright over these items.


   A.Applicants are not to provide false documentation or information. Where those who are declared awardees are later found to have provided false information/documentation, the MOC will revoke the award and the recipient shall, unconditionally, return any prize monies received to the MOC.

   B.Awardees are to upload their promotional videos to YouTube as well as to the official activity website.

   C.Plans are to be completed in the timeframe and manner listed in the original plan. No applications for change to the timeframe or content may be made except where the MOC-appointed instructor or guidance committee member(s) deems such alterations necessary. However, where the awardee is unable to complete the project according to schedule due to force majeure or another reason not attributable to the awardee, the awardee is to apply with the MOC beforehand to extend or otherwise change its original plan. The awardee may execute said revised plan upon approval by the MOC. Where awardees do not abide by this regulation, the MOC will determine whether to stop or cancel the award depending on the severity of the infraction.

   D.Awardees are to guarantee that they will execute and complete their plan. Where awardees do not complete their plans according to schedule and in the manner set forth, where execution differs greatly from the plan, where the execution is found to be lacking, where information or progress reports have not been provided as prescribed, where the content of reports presented is fraudulent, or where these Directions have been violated, the MOC will set a deadline for rectification to be made. Where rectification is not made, and depending on the severity of the offence, the MOC may halt the plan’s execution and reappraise the award amount, or cancel the award and demand the return, in part or in full, of award money already remitted. Where awardees withdraw from participation without reason, they are to return to the MOC, unconditionally, award money already received.

   E.The MOC will act in accordance with the nation’s tax laws in reporting or withholding taxes from the award money.

   F.Promotional materials used during the execution of the plan (including information conveyed via new media, invitations, posters, and other published materials) will clearly acknowledge the Ministry of Culture as the sponsoring agency or award giver. The MOC-appointed instructor and the MOC are to be given three weeks’ advance notice of promotional events, press conferences, and opening and closing ceremonies

   G.Awardees are to purchase accident insurance to ensure the safety of individuals participating in events held during the execution of the plan.

   H.To prevent multiple awards being given by the government for the same project, the same or similar plans that have already been granted awards by the MOC and its subsidiaries, the National Culture and Arts Foundation, the National Performing Arts Center, or central government agencies shall not be eligible for this award. Where an award has been approved and it is found that the plan has been granted multiple awards, the MOC will cancel the award and require the return of prize money remitted.

X.These Directions are to be implemented in line with related laws and regulations.

Data Source:Ministry of Culture Laws and Regulations Retrieving System