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Title: Charge Standards for Non-Profit Usage and Authorization Fees of the National Museum of History Collection Image Ch
Date: 2016.05.18
Legislative: 1.Announced on May 30th,2007
2.Amended on Apr. 1st,2010
3.Amended on May 18th,2016
Content: Article 1  These Charge Standards are enacted pursuant to Article 10 of the Charges and Fees Act.

Article 2   In order to promote social education, and enhance cultural research efficiency of artifacts collection image, NMH accepts the application for using artifacts collection image from general public, provided that such non-profit usage purposes are limited to the following:
         1. The NHM collection image users are domestic or overseas academic associations and individual engaged in academic research and reference.
         2. The categories of authorization include academic research, publishing thesis or academic research results, and other educational uses.
         3. The textbooks and other cultural or other artistic kinds of books which compiled, or approved by government agencies or public law entities.

Article 3  For the collection image whose copyright is not under the NMH, NMH will inform the applicant of directly contacting with the copyright owner or other legal right holder.

Article 4  The collection image NMH provides shall be charged pursuant to the Charge Standards promulgated by NMH, and the user must clearly mark  the words, “Collection of the National Museum of History”, while publishing. The user should not use the NMH standard words or logo    which could mislead others into believing that the user is specially authorized by or cooperating with NMH.

Article 5  The Charge Standards for using NMH collection image are shown in the Appendix, and NMH charges additional fees every month that exceeds time limit. After the expiration of the usage period, the applicant should return the positives and slides provided by NMH, and delete the digital image. The scope of usage and period of authorization shall be processed in accordance with Article 12 and 13.

Article 6  For applying the usage of slides, positives, digital image, and photographs, the user should submit the written application form stating the usage goal and purpose, and provide the detailed list and serial numbers of usage image. Upon the assessment and approval from NMH, the user should pay the fees pursuant to these Standards.

Article 7   For using the positives or pictures of NMH collection image in academic publications, the limitation of usage is no more than one-third of the total pictures number for each publication. In order not to repeat with the research results of NMH, the loan of the positives in same category should not exceed one half of NMH collection in principle.

Article 8  If the collection image NMH provides is used for other purpose, the applicant should obtain the assessment and approval from NMH in advance and then pay the fees pursuant to these Standards.

Article 9  If the positives applied for usage are without backup files in NMH or rendered unusable due to long-time wear and tear, and therefore are needed to photograph again, the fees may be charged for double. NMH may refuse the application in consideration of the safety of artifacts for being photographed.

Article 10  If the positives and digital files applied for usage are scrolls or albums, fees will be charged on the actual photograph number of positives or digital image.

Article 11  The applicant is bound to compensate for any damage or destruction occurred to the positives due to the applicant’s negligence while in custody or use. NMH may charge double amounts of money pursuant to the Charge Standards as compensation.

Article 12  If the positives, slides, or digital image NMH provides are protected under the Copyright Act, the applicant may fairly exploit them within the scope of usage. Unless applying for multiple-time exploitation, the items NMH provides are limited to use only in one version and should not be exploited repeatedly.

Article 13  If the publication the applicant applied to use in is digital publication without physical object (such as electronic books, or web pages), two years are counted as one unit for the period of authorization. For the time exceeding two years, the photograph fees will be charged on a yearly basis (required to be written clearly and paid while applying). In addition, the resolution of NMH collection image contained in the publication must be less than 120 DPI.

Article 14  Before public use or issuance of the publication containing NMH collection image, the applicant should submit it in writing to NMH for obtaining the assessment and approval.

Article 15  If the applicant breaches these Charge Standards, NMH may terminate the license at any time. If there is any violation of law, NMH will deal with the matter pursuant to statutory provisions.

Article 16  These Charge Standards shall be implemented from the date of promulgation.